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Well in case you hadn’t gathered by now, this blog is written by an incredibly conceited individual whom feels the world has nothing better to do than read the drivel she projectile vomits onto this pathetic attempt at a blog. Well, that’s who she is by day.

By night, she moonlights as a master delegator in the world of IT, regularly markets herself as “mid-20’s” and frequently coaxes her neighbour’s cat into her apartment. That isn’t a lie.

When she isn’t bossing people around, lying about her age or stealing people’s cats; you can find her riding her bicycle around Brisbane, buying the Coles $2.50 ultimate cookies and thinking up ludicrous ideas to become a millionaire. A woman of few words, when she does speak, it’s normally using the rule of three. 

Now that you managed to get through the above, let me actually share with you the real me. Just kidding, that was actually it. That is who I am, there is no other April. I genuinely will steal your cat, and convince you I am mid-20’s whilst simultaneously ranting about the great value of the Coles 40% Ultimate Choc Chip Cookies. I’m not sorry if you’re disappointed.

About My Name is April

My Name is April is the latest of many of April’s blogging escapades. Originally starting off as “Serenity Musings” back in circa 2006, My Name is April was officially founded in 2010 as Brisbane’s original lifestyle blog.

After years of racking up favourable SEO points with many a PR company, My Name is April went on a long hiatus whilst April, ironically, tried to figure out who she was (because apparently having a blog named after you just isn’t enough of a sign).

It was re-ignited in August 2017, where it is now home to April’s many ramblings about women’s cycling, Brisbane cycling, a little bit more cycling, and some other bits and pieces in between. Maybe a photography post here or there. 


Interested in collaborating? Just want to ask a question? Or feel like telling April how much of a dick she is? For the first two options, feel free to email april@mynameisapril.org. As for the latter – please don’t. I don’t like bullies anymore than women like being paid 30% less than their male counterpart (yep, I went there).