These pages are always the hardest, I find. I never know how to start these things…what would the reader find interesting about me? How indepth should I go? Should I tell them about my freaky fetish? Is that too far? I’ll sit here and tap lightly on my keyboard, starting and backspacing and then starting again. What does that tell you about me as a person? Oh the irony.

I guess me in a nutshell is…I’m a mid 20’s frugal shopaholic, cat lover, fitness enthusiast and all day breakfast lover hailing from Brisbane, Australia. When I’m not eating or at the gym, I am employed as a professional paper stacker.

About mynameisapril.org

MyNameisApril was established in June, 2010 and documents my fitness journey, food conquests and everything in between.

You can contact me on april@mynameisapril.org



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