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My Name is April - Lifestyle blogger

It took me precisely 60 seconds after the expiry of My Name is April’s web hosting to realise that I had made a terrible mistake. But it wasn’t the mad scramble to renew and salvage what was still left of the sad, sorry shell of a website that had been here that you might imagine. Stubbornness, and a decidedly empty bank account, took me through another 2 weeks of regret before I finally couldn’t take it anymore.

The rest, you could say, is history. For now, here you are, reading this very first and very awkward attempt at a come-back post.

Brisbane’s biggest and best lifestyle blogger (lol jks) is back. Except this time she has purpose and determination…punctuated with regular masturbation and funny cat videos; exclusively, of course.

My Name is April - Lifestyle blogger

Blogging has been a part of me longer than I’ve had my period. I’ve experienced a bigger and longer identity crisis in the blogosphere than I have in the real world, trying to figure out what I wanted my persistent, very loud and opinionated voice to focus on. I’ve done it all over the years – angsty teenage dribble, completely clueless political ramblings, beauty blogging and let’s not forget the latest – completely selling my soul to marketing bloodhounds pouncing on my SEO faster than the completely outdated depiction of a fat kid on cake.

The very same societal stigmas around social media and blogging that stopped me blogging in the first place, are the reason I am back. I want My Name is April to be the dose of reality amongst all the bullshit we see, and to portray and depict the legit life of a young Gen Y’er – complete with my credit card debt and all. There’s a lot of issues out there that get glossed over by influencers and other content-creators in their endeavour to depict perfect, and I’m here to drive a nail through that depiction and show what’s on the other side of the lens.

My Name is April - Lifestyle blogger

My Name is April, I’m a mid-20’s (I’ve been saying that for years but now holy fuck it is actually so relevant and legit what even is life) socially awkward weirdo and I’m here to rant about my debt, whine about the odd fallacy or two, and advocate women’s cycling. Because so far, the rest of this damn blog entry hasn’t made a single mention of a two-wheeled object let alone the vagina riding it but hey there’s a heading in my menu for it so better throw it into my first introduction post somewhere.

My Name is April - Lifestyle blogger

It’s good to be back.

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