New Beginnings

Sometimes in life something inside of you will just snap. All of a sudden you are a bird with it’s wings clipped stuck inside a tiny cage. And you want to get out. Your heart starts beating faster and faster, you are slowly suffocating, the cage is getting smaller and smaller, the urgency getting stronger and stronger! And then, with one big push, you break the bars on that cage and suddenly you are free.

I have always accepted that there are unexpected sharp corners and hills to navigate throughout life and I’ve always embraced this and been ok with it. Change, to me, is always a good thing. Change means something else is coming up. A new path, a new adventure. But sometimes life doesn’t just hand these changes to you on a silver platter, sometimes you come to a crossroad and need to make up your own mind. Life is a gamble and I know that if I don’t throw that dice, I will spend the rest of my life wondering what could have happened if I did.

My life might come crashing down around me if the numbers don’t work in my favour but you know what? I see it as just an excuse to get up, and start something new. Somebody else’s numbers might not work in my favour…and isn’t that just a lucky dip! Who knows what life holds? The opportunity to experience a different lifestyle, a different me…bring it on!

Excitement rushes through me when I make a new snap decision. Being spontaneous is second nature to me and so many times it has paid off and other times not so much. But that’s just life. That’s just me.

Right now, I’m looking ahead at my life, and I’m free.

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