Cycling Osaka to Kyoto Return – Another Vlog

Cycling Osaka to Kyoto - My Name is April

In this rendition of our Japanese Cycling holiday, Tim and I plan a ride from Osaka to Kyoto to explore the wonderful city of the Geisha. Things today did not go according to plan with me cracking the shits pretty early in the day (and truly showing my bicycle knowledge…embarrassing) and then having a double whammy of bad news delivered later in the day.

I’m getting pretty good (not) at this whole vlogging thing guys.

But actually, in all honesty, I have a whole new appreciation for vloggers. To record life events, and somehow make it interesting, is hard. But then, there’s the editing and OH MY FUCKING GOD the time and intricacy it takes is just nek level. A whole new creative outlet to be explored.

Watch the vlog below for some badly delivered cycling travel tips and poor videograpy.

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