Factor O2: The First Ride

Factor O2 First Ride Review - My Name is April

I know I have been slack with the blogging lately, and I do have to apologise. A combination of work, lack of motivation and laziness is what has caused this. But have no fear, just because I haven’t been blogging it doesn’t mean I don’t have some awesome “content” for y’all. Because I do. Starting with my new whip.

Do you guys remember my blog entry back in May where I loudly exclaimed I was getting a new rig? And then promptly never spoke of it again? Yeah, well, it’s finally arrived. And ya, holy fuck, it was worth the wait.

Meet Fatissima

Factor O2 First Ride Review - My Name is April

Fatty for short. A Special Edition Factor O2 complete with Black Inc Thirty wheels.

The groupset is the old Ultegra di2 groupset from Lulu – I figured I would upgrade the groupset when I actually achieve something with my racing other than rolling around the track thinking the bell I just heard was for another prime and not the last lap…(you don’t need me to tell you the rest of that story).

Factor O2 First Ride Review - My Name is April

Ride Indooroopilly hooked me up with an incredible build, Ryan being extremely meticulous with all aspects of the construction of my wonderful new machine and ensuring we fit each other like two pieces in a puzzle. Ryan initially fit me out on Lulu, and also re-measured before I bought Fatissima so every aspect of my new bike purchase was taken care of along the way.

First Ride

I took possession of Fatissima on Friday afternoon, and on Saturday morning she was out for her maiden voyage – the humble river loop. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was the greatest ride of my life. Everything just felt so smooth, so responsive and just worked. Probably the greatest love story since Nigel and Marianne Thornberry.

I felt the power of every pedal stroke instantly transfer through the rest of the bike and into my forward propulsion, in every gear.

Factor O2 First Ride Review - My Name is April

She worked with me when I was up and out of the saddle zipping up hills, with those sexy AF Black Inc Thirty wheels making sure I barely needed to pedal on the downhill to sail past a furiously stomping Tim and making sure he knew who was boss that day.

Comfort, Handling and Control

Tim used to tell me that I looked like I was having a constant struggle with Lulu every time I was out of the saddle, and I couldn’t understand what he meant – I didn’t know how it was supposed to feel. Until I rode Fatty. From the first moment, everything just fell into place and felt so. much. easier. Her whippy little rear end was all too happy to waggle side to side and assist in my power transfer and my hips have stopped rocking.

Fatty is also a ridiculously comfortable ride and that isn’t just in comparison to Lulu whom was not exactly smooth pedalling, but in comparison to many bikes. Tim is still wiping the drool from his chin after his first ride of her. And that is saying something.

Factor O2 First Ride Review - My Name is April

Verdict: It’s Love

The price tag on the Factor may seem a little steep, until you feel the quality of the bike and read more into the manufacturing process. If you haven’t, or don’t know what I’m talking about, I highly encourage you check out GCN’s Inside Factor Bikes Factory Tour video, and also go and read about Factor’s Bikes over on their website.

Factor O2 First Ride Review - My Name is April

The Nicol Jackson Women’s Series was the following weekend, and I had been unsure if I would be ready to enter being on a new bike and all. But, come Friday, I was well and truly convinced that Fatissima and I would do just fine in her very first bike race together. If you follow my Instagram, then you’ll already know the ending, but I promise there is a story coming for that too.

Just to finish this blog entry off, I just want to thank Ride Indooroopilly again for every aspect of my new bike purchase. Buying a new steed isn’t something to be taken lightly – a lot of people end up with a bike that just doesn’t suit them or their dreams. Jason and the Ride Indro Crew have been looking after my bicycles for as long as I have been riding, so they know me and my dreams inside out, making them the perfect companions for picking out my new bike.

Factor O2 First Ride Review - My Name is April


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