Happy 2019!

Mt Gravatts and Rapha Kit - My Name is April

Hey gang,

It’s been a hot minute hasn’t it? A literal hot minute…I stepped off the plane after being in negative degree temperatures and the heat hit me in the face like a big yellow school bus.

But there is good news – the magpies have stopped swooping, the sun is still up early and the mornings are balmy and welcoming.

I made a vlog for my first training ride back where essentially I show off some new kit (yes, of course it is Rapha) and do some Mt Gravatt repeats because I am too much of a cat to go and do Coothas.

As an aside to cycling, if you don’t follow my Instagram then you probably don’t know that Tim proposed to me back in December! I said yes (obviously – I know a good deal when I see one) and the wedding planning has already begun.

If you have any advice or tips for me, they are greatly appreciated. I had no idea weddings were this big of a deal, or the actual extent of what needed to be organised. So help a girl out, seriously.

Peace friends and happy 2019!

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