Happy Birthday, MNIA!


This year marks My Name is April’s 10 year anniversary. That’s right – my blog has been around for a decade. And before My Name is April was Gooberfied, and before Gooberfied was Serenity Musings. For as long as I can remember I found solace in writing words and projecting them out into the world via my own little corner of the internet.

My name is April, 2010 (as far back as the wayback machine captured)

This blog served as both a playground as I dabbled in what has now become a very fruitful career for me (coding), and also as an outlet for all my musings, opinions and everything in between. There was even a spell where my blog was considered Brisbane’s number one lifestyle blog – quite the achievement for a sleepy little river city down under if I do say so myself.

Cute little 18 year old me…

But with the rise of social media came the fall of my desire to blog publicly. What I once would share with you all became my own private thoughts in the form of countless handwritten journals. As the authenticity of blogging disappeared and the introduction of perfect edits, unqualified “experts” and boobs and biceps became the new norm, my desire to write for you and be real for you dissipated. I didn’t wish to be a part of what is now almost considered a dirty phrase – lifestyle blogger. These days, lifestyle bloggers are associated with carefully posed photos, more skin showing than a 60s Playboy magazine, and countless lies being spoken through sponsored white smiles.

There is nothing real or authentic about blogs these days. Almost all of them are sponsored, and in everyone’s quest to make a living, I struggle to wade through the bullshit products they promise are their absolute favourites to find ones that I have the slightest bit of trust in believing are a truly good product. Influencers for me are more of an indicator of which products to never try as opposed to actively seeking out upon their recommendation.

My first coding job, bless…

But this is where I am now torn. I think the world needs a little more real, a little more authenticity. Those of us that retreated and bowed down to the perfect prince and princesses of the modern blogging world need to think long and hard about the role we have to play in keeping that balance in society. When Facetune is downloaded more times than a music streaming app we have to ask ourselves what we can do to fix this – at least, that’s what I have been doing.

And so I have decided that my days of quiet, handwritten reflection are over. For you, and me too I guess. I would be lying if I said there wasn’t also an element of interest in this for me too – I love to write, I love to share my thoughts with others and I also want to furiously smack down and take back the blogosphere, for authenticity and to provide a space that people can trust again.

Don’t call it a comeback.

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