I Bought a Tacx Neo and Nearly Died

Tacx Neo Review - My Name is April

My friends.

I got really sick of the week of rain we were experiencing so decided to splash some cash and buy a Tacx Neo direct drive trainer. It wasn’t that big of a deal…

Lol jks I saved for months for this shit, and then bought it second hand because I’m extra #frugal. I had researched a fair amount of what it was that I was actually looking for, and this is what led me to sourcing a Tacx Neo. Let me know if you want me to post up the comparison matrix I did of all the direct drives on the market? More than happy to share!

The first workout I did on it was a pretty brutal 60 minute build that ended in some very shaky legs. I recorded it, because I’m really feeling this whole filming thing at the moment. Feel free to check out both my first impressions of the Tacx and subsequent death:

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