I Finally Tried Zwift!

My First Zwift - My name is April

Whether you’re an old hat or complete newbie to the cycling world, everyone has heard of Zwift. It was the revolution for indoor training. Before I properly researched it (and by that I mean open the website and read the front page) I vaguely knew that it was a virtual cycling program that connected to your smart trainer and enabled you to simulate courses/rides whilst staring at a little moving pixellated depiction of yourself.

This didn’t particularly appeal to me for a number of reasons – I thought I would get distracted by the screen and not perform my efforts effectively, I felt like it was cheating (as though somehow the indoor trainer is supposed to be un-fun??) and I already spend my entire day sitting in front of a computer so being on the bike was supposed to be my escape from that – both on the road and on the indoor trainer.

But peer pressure got me good. So many online cycling communities spruik live races and even the pros are on board, giving you the opportunity to jump into the Zwift virtual-world and ride alongside some of the biggest names in cycling.

And so I downloaded it, and video documented the entire thing for the sake of my new creative outlet, YouTube, and am sharing it with you below:

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Right, back to Zwift. It was actually really fun, and a lot of my concerns for using the platform have dissipated. I’m still unsure if I will use it for all my indoor sessions simply for the fact that I already spent enough of my day on a computer, but certainly I can see the merit in this program – especially for the poor sods on the other side of the planet that experience incredibly shitty weather for large parts of the year.

So I’m officially on Zwift! I still don’t know how to join races, or even join communities, but I’ve done one workout and will probably look to expand my horizons this week or next!

Do you have any tips for me or any hacks I should know about? I love hacks – motherlode on Sims 3 anyone?

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