Rapha Bib Comparison: Which Ones Are the Best?

Rapha Bib Comparison - My Name is April

I seem to have established myself as some sort of authority when it comes to Rapha’s female cycling wear range. It probably has something to do with the fact that my entire cycling wardrobe is now 100% Rapha (unsponsored might I add, although I feel like I ought to get some sort of kickback for all this good publicity!).

I can’t help it. The quality of their kit and also the colours are just perfect. I’m a sucker for a minimal, simplistic look and this company just nails it. They do, however, have quite a few different collections. They recently revamped their Brevet collection to now be called “Cargo” and I think there are some other design changes underway also.

A lot of the questions I do get asked are around which of their collections I recommend for the most comfortable pair of bibs. I get these types of questions regularly enough that I decided to make a youtube video about it, see below:

If you’re a too long, don’t read kind of person then this is the basic rundown:

The Souplesse II are the winner!

Without a doubt, the Souplesse II are their most refined, comfortable bibshort. In my humble opinion. Their price tag is bloody expensive at $315 but considering Asos have got $600 bibshorts, they aren’t bad in comparison.

As always, I recommend waiting for a sale. Because there will be one. And you will be thankful for it.

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