Review: Rapha Core Winter Tights

Review: Rapha Core Winter Tights

You guys might remember the winter haul I did in preparation for our Japan trip earlier this year when I went positively nuts and bought all of the winter gear. During that haul, I had weighed up the options of buying proper winter bibs, or these fandangle Rapha Core Winter Tights with no chamois, where you still wear your regular bibs underneath, and put these tights on over the top.

They were significantly more cost effective, and also far more efficient in my eyes as you could continue to utilise your summer bibs with what is essentially a supersonic leg warmer over the top. Well, I wore them all throughout Japan and now for the large part of Brisbane’s winter and have some thoughts on them that I would like to share with you.

The Aesthetics

Review: Rapha Core Winter Tights

As with all things Rapha, first impressions of these bib tights come down to three simple words: sleek, defined and calculated. Basically, they look fucking amazing. Never have a I felt slimmer in a pair of super tight bike pants. They even make the inevitable sausage overhang look attractive.

Quality Perception

I’ve worn these suckers all throughout Japan, and all 3 months of Brisbane’s winter and I cannot say that these guys seem to be decent quality…they goddamn, true blue, 100% are decent quality. They have maintained shape, continued to provide unbeatable warmth and still make me look skinny AF.

The Technology

The Rapha Core Winter Tights do not contain a chamois, which can be a turn off for some but was actually the base of the appeal for me. I liked the idea of not having to buy individual winter bibs for each day of the week. You can put these guys on over the top of your existing bibs, and then it is your existing bibs that go in the wash every day. I wash the core winter tights every 3 days. I can hear you guys grimace from here but honestly, they are just like an overshoe – they don’t need anymore washing. They don’t even smell. Granted, I sweat less than the average person so you might not be able to get off so lucky.

Either way, do not let the lack of chamois deter you.

One thing I do want to note, however, is the decided lack of change of material around the seat bone region. They are the exact same material all over, which is fine except for the part where it makes your ass a bit slippy on the saddle. I do find myself shifting a bit more in the core winter tights than I would in just regular bibs.

Review: Rapha Core Winter Tights

The Fit

Perfect. Amazing. Suh slimming. Must have. They fit true to size – I swan about in an XS pair and they fit the exact same way all their Souplesse Flyweight Bib Shorts do.

The Wrap Up

If you’re a lazy cheap skate like me then the Rapha Core Winter Tights are for you. I know the price tag doesn’t say cheap skate, but when you compare the cost of these bad boys against the cost of winter bibs, and then multiply that cost x 7 (one pair for each day of the week) then you will understand why I am a cheap skate.

They are also currently on discount for $105AUD…

4.5 stars of 5. The Rapha Core Winter Tights would be perfect, if they weren’t just a bit slippy in the saddle.

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